Meenakshi Kaushik

Meenakshi Kaushik

Chief Mentor – Healthcare Strategist, Blissiplineur, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Architect

Location: New Delhi

Meenakshi is a senior Sales, Marketing & BD professional with over 18 yrs of work experience spanning across various Pharma, Diagnostics & Medical devices & healthcare MNC’s in India! She has also recently completed Executive programme in Leadership and Management from IIM–Calcutta.

Meenakshi with her strong healthcare background  brings in the expertise to companies who are looking for change in growth trajectories, marketing strategies and Team building.The underlying passion that drives Meenakshi is her innate ability to connect & establish H2H (Human To Human, Heart to Heart) conversation that helped her & the team focus on achieving continuous, improved business performance.

Meenakshi credits all her learning to various opportunities she had, while travelling for work to different places, meeting new people, acquiring new skills and going outside the comfort zone helped her immensely in shaping a growth mindset for her & the organization. Meenakshi’s skill sets are best utilized to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in a team environment.

She is now on a mission to help people, teams and organizations to unleash their true potential and facilitate them to harness the power of happYness while achieving business growth & decoding a blissiplined life without missing the MOJO moments in the process!

Core competency:

Strategic Management | Niche Marketing | Policy Advocacy | CRM | Business Development | KAM | Funnel Management | Brand Management | Problem Solving Process | Mentoring | Coaching | Leadership Development

 Fun fact:

Curious Traveler, Trained Kathak Dancer, Tea Connoisseur, Taekwondo green belt holder, In a nutshell – she is work in progress human being full of potential whose is driven by the strength of ‘happYness’, and when she is not working, she loves playing and reliving her childhood with her 6 yr old nephew & swimming to stay fit!